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Lesson Programs 

RDEC offers daily lessons in the hunter, jumper and equitation disciplines. Good riding starts with a good foundation, and it is our priority to ensure that a solid foundation has been instilled in all of our riders - beginner and advanced. Our at-home lessons are offered Monday through Saturday between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. 

Lessons Offered:

  • 1 hour Private 

  • 1 hour Group (no more than four riders per group)

*Please inquire for rates and availability*

Equine Training Programs 

When working with horses it is important to understand that, like people, each horse is different and requires an individual training plan that is tailored solely to their needs - we are not a one-size fits all program. At RDEC, it is our goal to give the horses that we work with the tools to be successful individuals and accountable teammates on the ground and undersaddle. With physical and mental fitness in mind, it is our goal to help each horse in our program reach its full potential. RDEC offers training to horses who have had at least 30 days undersaddle. We help re-educate horses with challenges, help rehabilitate horses who have sustained an injury, help bring along young horses that are ready to move up in the competition ring, and offer conditioning to horses that need help maintaining an adequate fitness level outside of their owner's riding. Our training services are offered to horses that are in-barn and to horses who are shipped in to our facility. 

Interested in our training services? Call us today for more information, pricing and availablity! 

Additional Services 

RDEC offeres boarders access to top equine caretakers such as: equine chiropractors, masseuses, farriers and vets that specialize in equine sports medicine. Additionally, RDEC has a Theraplate and Beemer blanket that can be utilized by horses at our facility. 


Want more information? Give us a call today!  

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